Ban uses of cell phone while driving

Essay by illboistylez October 2006

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As time goes on, cellular phone has become part of everyday necessities of millions of Americans. According to Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association, just over the past ten years in the United States alone, mobile phone subscription sales have increased seventeen-fold (CTIA, 2000a) However, the more popular it becomes and when it comes to driving, the more they infringe on our daily life. This issue has been the topic of much debate among government stakeholders, industry, and consumers recently years. The majority consumer stakeholders, such as the Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety claim that cell phone use while driving is the top cause of accidents triggered by distracted drivers. I agree. In my opinion, there are varieties possible dangerous associated with the use of cell phones such as fatalities, traffic collisions, property damage, injuries and too much wasted money from the government. Although using a cellular phone is unsafe while driving, there are still several positive consequences such as getting help from emergencies, saving time, and safety consideration.

Using a cell phone while driving can be dangerous because it increases risk of crashing. If a person get into a car accident while talking on a cell phone it can be speculated that the driver was distracted by the cell phone and caused the accident. When a person talks on the phone while driving, he or she can't pay their full attention on driving because the driver's attention is on having conversations with others on the phone. "According to NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), there are close to 4,500 accidents are caused every single day by 85% of all cellular customers who are using the devices while driving and 1.5 percent was using a mobile phone at the time of the serious accident" (The National Highway...