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Do you remember the tragedy of 9-11? Imagine if you had a loved one working in one of the towers as they went down. Your first reaction would be to find out if they were safe. Fortunately, many survivors were able to contact their loved ones through cellular communications. Cellular communications made it possible for the rescue team, media, and family members to have contact with survivors.

Cellular telephones, when used responsibly, are valuable commodities for anyone. With the cutting edge technology of cell phones on the rise, pay telephones are almost obsolete! They range in size, shape, color, and price to suit your taste and budget. Instant communication has clearly proven to be the rave of the 20th century. Being knowledgeable of the advantages that pertain to them is helpful when choosing one. Let's explore them!Whether you believe it or not, when deciding on which type of cell phone to purchase there are options to consider.

An article in Black Enterprise Magazine, titled, Unscrambling the options, gives the consumer insight to getting the best deals. There are endless companies making "special offers;" the choices can get confusing. How do you know when you're getting a good deal? The article states that you must first consider what type of caller you are (Palmer 60). If you use your phone for emergencies only, you might want to choose a plan on the low end. If you regularly burn up the phone lines, you'll need a plan that offers more airtime. Depending upon the airtime package you choose the cost ranges from $30 - $150 monthly. Once you have figured out which type of caller you are, you must decide on a particular phone to purchase (Palmer 60).

Options to consider before purchasing a phone include call waiting, voice activated dialing, mobile...