Descriptive Statistics Analysis in Students' Mobile Usage in the University of Southampton

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Descriptive Statistics Analysis in Students' Mobile Usage in the University of Southampton


2.Data Analysis

2.1Collection and Input of Data

2.2General information

2.2.1Gender analysis

2.2.2Ownership analysis

2.2.3Mobile band analysis

2.2.4Network using situation analysis

2.2.5Payment methods analysis

2.2.6Monthly fees analysis

2.3Correlation and Regression Analysis

2.4Chi-Square Test




5.1Appendices1 -- Investigation of students using mobilephone

5.2Appendices2 -- Raw Data

1. Introduction

Mobile phone is one of the most popular communication tools used today in social life as well as in school. As we know almost all students have mobile phones, and those mobile phones vary from band, network, payment etc. At the same time we find that when students using pay monthly method, they tend to reduce the monthly fees with the increase time of usage. It is interesting to summarize the existing trend among mobile usage in students. This information is useful both for mobile network companies to make sales marketing decision and students in university to chose their own mobile usage combination according to the analysis results.

In this project, first, we analyze the percentage of data. Then, we try to find out whether there is any association between the time of students' using mobile services and the monthly fees, gender and the monthly fees, pay method and the monthly fees. If there are such kinds of association, what kind of association it is.

To accomplish this project successfully, we carried out the survey to collect relative data and information. Then descriptive statistics methods such as mean, variance, correlation, regression and Chic-Square are used to analyze those data .In addition, tabular, graphical methods are employed to describe the results of analysis. As the simplest and most convenient statistics tool, SPSS(Statistical Package for the Social Science) which is widely applied in the statistics...