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The core curriculum used in course 1206 (Basic Avionics Technicians) at Royal Air Force Cosford. Paying particular attention to the Twelve week phase of training involving Hangar Training Flight.

'No substantial part of this assignment has been submitted previously for the purposes of assessment to the University of Wolverhampton or any other educational establishment.'

Introduction and background

This assignment will focus on a course taught in my training establishment at Royal Air Force (RAF) Cosford in the West Midlands. This is course number (CN) 1206, teaching Basic Avionics Technicians (BAvT's). This course takes raw recruits straight from seven weeks basic recruit training at RAF Halton and, hopefully, turns them into Avionics Technicians capable of working confidently on any one of the countless avionics equipments in use on RAF Aircraft in service today.

The complete 1206 course is Sixteen to Eighteen months in length but my specific area of responsibility is towards the latter end of the course, approximately at the Twelve to Thirteen months point.

The trainees arrive at Hangar Training Flight (HTF) for the penultimate phase of training before passing out from RAF Cosford. HTF is expressly designed to train the students in the 'psychomotor' domain, strictly hands-on the equipment and within an environment that is as close to the real thing as we can

possibly make it. The trainees then graduate as fully qualified Leading Aircraftmen (LAC's). This is a good point to mention that there is no sexist bias intended in this statement at all, the Woman's Royal Air Force (WRAF) which did exist within the RAF itself, was disbanded several years ago and now there are no longer 'Airwomen' in the RAF, everyone is classed as an 'airman'.

The present 1206 course took over from the basic mechanics course in late 2000. The trade boundaries...