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Spinneys is the renowned chain of supermarkets which provides quality service offering a variety of household products, vegetables, fruits, cosmetics, novelties and other items which are of mainly of regular day to day consumption. Arthur Rawdon Spinneys commenced the operations of 'Spinneys' in 1924 at Alexandria, Egypt. In UAE, the stores was established in 1942, in Deira Al Nasr Square and was initially known as 'The Frozen Chicken'. The primary reason why it was called 'the Frozen Chicken' because it launched the first chiller van selling frozen chickens. Over a period of time, this single supermarket grew into chain of supermarkets all over UAE as 'Spinneys'. Today it has a chain of approx 35 supermarkets in UAE.

Spinneys Dubai LLC was originally owned by the Cupola Group, today the ownership vests in Mr Ali Al Bawardi . Spinneys Abu Dhabi LLC owns the Abu Dhabi entity while the management is with Spinneys Dubai.

The CEO of Spinneys Dubai is Jannie C Holtzhausen. The managing shareholder of Spinneys Group Limited is Abraaj Capital, the group company owns and operates stores in Jordan, Lebanon, and Egypt.

We believe in providing variety of products of best quality, provide maximum customer satisfaction, adhering to ethical values and being the market leader of the 21st century says Holtzhausen, who has engineered the growth of the stores over the past decade.

It is just like a spinney ( a 'group of trees' ) where you can enjoy and relax while shopping in a fresh environment for you and your children and even your pets," says Marcelle Al Eid, Marketing Assistant at Spinneys.

The objectives of the organization are in line with its vision which emphasise the following points

Provide a harmonious working environment and treat internal and external staff with...