Changes. About being organised and what it does for you.

Essay by rehernandez March 2002

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Everyone in the world have several aspects in their lives that they would like to change in order to be more professional and more productive. For myself, there are a couple of things that I think if I change it, I would be better, for example; to be more organized, and to be more serious.

In my personal opinion, I consider that being more organized is very important in order to take advantage of the time and to realize all my goals that I have in my mind. For instance, in this semester, I was unable to register in a class because I waited to register my classes at the last minute, and for this reason when I registered, I could not because the class was full. In addition, when you are more organized you look more professional and you will be able to get a better job or better opportunities.

Another aspect that I think if I change it I could be better in my life is to be more serious because sometimes I have had some opportunities, but I have lost it because I always I am laughing and taking the serious things like a joke, maybe I will have to get older to be different.

While we are living in this short live, we will be able to change everything that we consider that is better for ourselves. The more important thing here is to recognize one's own faults, and to be able change or fix them in order for one to become a better person.