Two Second Decision. The essay shows the importance of wearing a seat belt. Persuasive.

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Every day people make decisions, some a little riskier than others, which somehow affect the rest of their lives. However, not everyone realizes that the smallest decisions can have the biggest risks. I am talking about a decision that takes only two seconds, yet so many people fail to make the correct one. Wearing a seat belt is something that should be taught from the very first car ride, yet it is often the first thing over looked when a person gets into his or her car. Wearing a seat belt is proven to save lives, therefore people should focus on buckling up, and fines given to those who drive unrestrained should be strictly enforced.

Statistics show that in potentially fatal crashes wearing a seat belt increases the chance of survival by 45% (MTA 1). From 1975 through 2000, it is estimated that safety belts saved 135,102 lives (MADD 1).

An example occurred in the summer of 1999, a day just like any other. Katie Sanchez and Julie Chapple were on their way home from running errands when the least expected happened. Not paying attention, Julie drove off the side of the road and into a canal. After sliding out in the gravel, the front of the car hit a pipe. The two girls sat in shock for a minute trying to grasp what just happened. Julie was holding her head and Katie had her hand over her chest. As Katie stepped out of the car she began to cry. Katie stated: "At first I didn't realize how close we came to really being hurt. Either one of us could have died. If we wouldn't have been wearing our seat belts we would have gone straight through the windshield." Katie suffered from some bruises on her chest and abdomen, and...