GOSSIP. Personal account of what gossip does.

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Sometimes gossip trend to change the image that others has about you. In the movie that I just saw I could see how Jones, Derek and Travis, three college students; are brought together for a class project, in which they decide to start a rumor and keep track of how it spreads.

The three students begin passing around the rumor that Naomi became a victim of date rape later that evening, embroidering the truth with allegations that Bo forcibly seduced Naomi after she was too inebriated to put up a fight. Before long, the rumor makes its way back to Naomi herself, who suffered a black-out on the night in question after too much alcohol. Naomi panics, and convinced that the rumor is true, contacts the police, who assign Detective Kelly to investigate the charges of rape filed against Bo. After Naomi contacts the police Jones decided to go and talk to her to tell her the truth about the rumor that they have created and Jones realize that Nomi used to know Derek because they have had a relationship when they where in high school even though Derek didn't want to tell to anybody about that.

Then Jones when to the Naomi's high school and there she knew that Derek raped her when they where studying together. Jones decided to plans a gossip telling that Naomi has died then all the guiltiness will fall on Derek because he was in Naomi's room last night. When Derek known that Naomi was death he tries to escape but Travis with a gun on hand made him go back and after to much fights with him and Jones, Derek finally said that he raped Naomi but he didn't kill her. All of the sudden the lights go on and a TV...