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Arguing for harsher laws against DUI offenders

Harsher laws make safer streets"According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2000 America experienced the largest percentage increase i ... inistration (NHTSA), in 2000 America experienced the largest percentage increase in alcohol-related traffic deaths on record. 17,380 people were killed in alcohol-related crashes - an average of one e ... erage of one every half-hour. These deaths constituted approximately 41 percent of the 41,945 total traffic fatalities" (MADD, 2003). The issue of harsher penalties for convicted criminals is a topic ...

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Cell Phones and Driving

doubt, cell phones can also be used as valuable tools for road safety. They allow drivers to report collisions, the dangerous driving of others, and can help travelers in times of distress. But the sa ... e driver should pull over to a safe place and finish the phone call before getting back on the road.Collisions, injuries, and fatalities can result from the distractions that cell phones cause. It is ...

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Ban the Use of Car Phones

ounding close to 27,000 phone calls made by 699 drivers who had car phones and who were involved in traffic accidents. The study found that the risk of having an automobile accident increases four tim ... it is not dangerous in many situations, for example, while the car is at a standstill in gridlocked traffic, while waiting at traffic lights, or on a quiet road with good visibility ahead. Other thing ...

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riving very fast is one of the main causes of car accidents in the U.A.E and the U.K.3- Jumping red traffic lights.4- In competence of the vehicle or the road.5- Factors of climate for example heat, c ... orms, rain...etc.The U.A.E government has built new infrastructure like, new highways, parking, new traffic signals, bridges, tunnels...etc. Just as Great Britain has.Besides these similarities, both ...

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evening I decided to go to the mall to buy my mum a birthday gift. I was driving on I-20; there was traffic on the expressway. Some people were driving fast and others per the speed limit. I saw about ...

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The Causes Road Rage in Australia.

d unfortunately, is a major cause of road rage. Driver stress is usually brought upon in increasing traffic congestion, particularly if they are late for an appointment, have been on the road for a pr ... idents. For instance, ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) utilizes technology to enhance safety and traffic flows, using electronic toll-charging devices, highway message signs and navigation systems ...

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Chalk One Up For Insuracne

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Car Crashes

CAUSES OF TRAFFIC FATLITIES Why? That is the real question. Ask yourself this simple question. Why do they dri ... sand were injured, and nine thousand other motorists were killed. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, during the year a driver is sixteen, he or she has about twenty-five ... rcent chance of having an accident. ( Half of the fatal accidents derive from traffic accidents.Drivers under twenty-one years of age They are all gone now, fifteen victims of an ...

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Cell Phones

complish several things at once. The temptation to do so while driving has brought the attention of traffic safety officials, educators and law enforcement officials that the combination of talking on ... ombination of talking on a cellular phone while driving may have a substantially negative impact on traffic safety.The ROSPAS report states that "It is the distraction of the conversation rather than ...

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Bring It ON: A Poem

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ry Prevention and control there were 11,792 Caucasian females killed in unintentional motor vehicle traffic accidents in the year 1995 (Scotti 2-3). There are many factors that comply with a traffic a ... safety. When you are seated correctly you should put on your safety belt, this is a key element in traffic safety. To put it simply, they save lives. It helps you remain in your seat, so if you were ...

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Air Safety

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Car Insurance

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Crisis of Driving with Cell Phones

cle "Phones, driving don't mix, report says" mentions about using cell phone is the major factor of traffic accident.The article "Phones, driving don't mix, report says - Cellulars listed as top distr ... ays - Cellulars listed as top distraction in causes of accidents" by Orith Goldberg shows that many traffic accidents are made by cell phone. The major reason is the drivers who cannot concentrate whe ...

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Alcohol and Driving

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