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When I am driving I am always extra careful because I am afraid of accidents. I especially do not like when people starts racing on the highway because it always exposes innocent people to accidents. I do not understand why people in their right mind race on the highway not caring about other people. I will never the day that I witnessed an accident involving three motorcycles. I-20 is one highway that is known for motorcycle racing.

It started just like any other day, around four in evening I decided to go to the mall to buy my mum a birthday gift. I was driving on I-20; there was traffic on the expressway. Some people were driving fast and others per the speed limit. I saw about five motorcycles through my rear view mirror driving very fast changing lanes carelessly. They passed my car at a very fast speed, two on my right side and three on the left side.

After they passed my car I could not believe what I saw, two of the motorcycles collided hitting a car and pushing it to the wall. One motorcycle hit the guardrail throwing the driver to the side of the road. By this time most of the drivers had slowed down, most people stopped and went to help the victims. I could not move I was so terrified that someone was dead. I sat in my car watching, My heart was beating so fast, my feet were shaking, I reached for the cell phone and called 911.

I was relieved to see the two people in the car that had been hit come out of the car and to learn that they were not badly hurt although they needed to go to the hospital. The police and ambulance arrived shortly...