Car Crashes

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CAUSES OF TRAFFIC FATLITIES Why? That is the real question. Ask yourself this simple question. Why do they drive so recklessly when they know that it could change their life or someone else's life in a matter of seconds? Some accidents that have taken peoples' lives will be talked about in this essay. So please open you heart and mind so you will know what happens to the people who don¡¦t care or those who are not thinking.

Car crashes are the leading cause of death among teens in the United Sates, outpacing suicide, drug overdose and cancer. Six thousand three hundred teens died in car accidents in 1996, six thousand were injured, and nine thousand other motorists were killed. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, during the year a driver is sixteen, he or she has about twenty-five a percent chance of having an accident. (

Half of the fatal accidents derive from traffic accidents.

Drivers under twenty-one years of age They are all gone now, fifteen victims of another deadly year of youthful driving. That is what happened to a town about as large as Alvin. How? That is what you should be asking your self. (traffic articals) Fatal accidents involving eighteen wheelers The weird thing about this is that most of the wrecks are not the truckers fault, it is the fault of the other vehicle. In a study of national crash data on fatal two-vehicle accidents involving a heavy truck found that the actions of drivers of passenger vehicles alone contribute to seventy percent of the crashes. On the other hand, truck drivers¡¦ alone commit driving errors in sixteen percent of the accidents, while both drivers make errors ten percent of the time.(truckers accidents) How does night time driving effect teenagers? Night time...