Drunk Driving

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Drunk Driving Do you have any idea what its is like to lose someone close to you, due to someone else's careless mistake? I know exactly what's it is like, my friend was killed by a drunk driver. It's really tough. To know that your friend died in a car crash because of someone else's careless mistake. If you're old enough to drink, then you're old enough to take responsibility for your actions.

More people die because drunk drivers, then most people realize. Every 30 minutes someone dies because of drunk driving. 200 children die each year in crashes, involving drunk driving. Sadly, those who survive the crashes are usually the ones who were drinking, whereas the people that are innocent are more likely to die.

The law states that your alcohol content can be .8% BAC (Blood Alcohol Content). But should that be changed? I think so, because you don't realize that one glass of beer, wine, or liquor impairs your driving.

When you're drunk, you don't know weather or not you're capable of driving.

You also probably don't know it, but if you drive drunk and are involved in a fatal accident, it's considered murder. Why would anyone want to do something that can cause you to change you life forever? Murphy's Law states " If anything can go wrong, it will." This means if you drink and drive, chances are that you'll be involved in an accident. If you're arrested your license is suspended; your car is impounded. You also go to jail. You insurance rate will increase to the maximum allowable by law, for five years. It will affect you loved ones, your job, and your future if you're involved in a fatal wreck, you're a felon. You will have to live with...