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When a person gets behind the wheel of a car, it is just as if they have a loaded gun in their hand, waiving it around, pointing it at them self and everyone else around them, and just millimeters from squeezing the trigger. Just like a loaded gun, a car could easily hurt or kill the driver, the passengers, or other innocent people. According to the National Center for Injury Prevention and control there were 11,792 Caucasian females killed in unintentional motor vehicle traffic accidents in the year 1995 (Scotti 2-3). There are many factors that comply with a traffic accident. The world today has become rushed and hectic, therefore everyone is always late for something. People are so caught up in their own lives that they forget what they are doing and even where they are going sometimes. They glance up at the clock and realize that they are running a few minutes late for something important or just something in general.

Without even thinking they slowly increase their speed, not worried about what kind of accident they could cause, but worried only about what they are missing by being late. Many times the reason an accident happens is because, due to their fast paced life style, people are drowsy, they are distracted, or their judgment is impaired.

As a young adult you begin your training on automobile safety. Most start off at the age of 15, when you start drivers education (Wilson 1-2). In this class you begin to learn the basic laws, signs and situations you will come across and how to handle them. Before you can get your permit, you must take a test at the local Texas Department of Public Safety. Once you pass that test, you will start driving with an instructor after...