The value of being young to the American Society

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I chose the value of "Youngness". People often try to feel a lot younger in many different ways. From cosmetics, surgery, pills, fad diets, technology, and cars, people try to slow down the aging process.

I chose to illustrate it this way because, people, especially women try all sorts of different things to enhance themselves when they are younger, or make themselves younger when they are older. For example plastic surgery, women use breast enhancements, liposuction, nose jobs, and all sorts of routines to make themselves more attractive.

The more people age, especially in the United States, they try to feel younger. They try to be "in" or with the "cool" crowd. Explain to me why you often see elder men driving around in tiny sports cars? They want to feel younger; they have a passion for it? Hey, they might, but most of the times they are trying not to feel as old as they are.

And women on the other hand, why are most of my friend's mother's wearing the same clothes I wear? Maybe they like it, or they feel good because they used to wear it when they were our age, and the styles are coming back? Or is it simply because they are getting old and they realize it more and more each day.

Why do people like changing themselves? Colored contacts, make-up, hairs dye, all these different corrective surgeries. What is wrong with us? Nobody knows but the American Society holds it upon them that perfection is a necessity. You don't see old women modeling old women's clothing. Of course not! Young women always do the trick.

Tanning salons, beauty parlors, personal trainers, and personal shoppers. Everyone has one these days. I have my hair stylist, my make up consultant...