Changing Behavior

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Running head: Changing behavior case study analysis

Changing Behavior Case Study Analysis

Corinne Moore

Baker College

Psychology 111

For this assignment I will be talking about someone close to me but will also be changing his name to protect his identity.

I have a client that came to me with a serious problem with procrastination. My client Mr. Swift has procrastinated for the majority of his adult life in just about every aspect you could think of. Some of his procrastinating activities include, being late for everything including doctor appointments, meetings, family holiday dinners, waiting until the last minute to purchase gifts for practically any occasion including birthdays, anniversaries, and even Christmas, however the most important paying his bills. Due to this behavior, Mr. Swift has lost important jobs; he has ruined his credit due to late payments with credit card companies and the banks. As a result of these few but very serious issues, my client would benefit from help with his procrastination when dealing with putting off or not paying his bills on time.

This has affected is life the most. Mr. Swift feels he is this way due to the stress of everyday life. This procrastination is hurting him immensely. Mr. Swift has come to me for help.

Classical Conditioning:

Classical conditioning could be a source of my client Mr. Swift's procrastination. In classical conditioning an unconditioned stimulus is observed to create an unconditioned response. If a conditioned stimulus were combined with an unconditioned stimulus then at some point the conditioned stimulus would suggest the same response as the unconditioned stimulus. I believe in Mr. Swift's case, the unconditioned stimulus was paying bills with his parents, starting at a very young age. Money was not something that my client's family had as he was growing...