Character analyses essay on emma bovary, in the story Madame Bovary.

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Emma Bovary

Emma Bovary is the heroine of the book Madame Bovary. Emma story begins off as a young girl and the daughter of Monsieur Rouault a farmer in the town of Les Bertaux. In her earlier age, Emma, was in the convent with Ursuline nuns. Emma had received a fine education, she learned dancing, geography, drawing, needlework and a little piano. Emma is implied to be an extremely pretty girl, having very white almond shaped fingernails. Her skin has a rosy color over her cheek bones. Emma's hands were a little pale and also had rough knuckles. Emma has brown eyes but seems black because of her long eyelashes. Emma's lips were full and her hair was fine and black; her hair was pulled down from the center that followed the curve of her skull. Emma early in the story marries a man named Charles Bovary in search of a passionate and romantic life in which she wants to get married "at midnight, by torchlight" (1102).

In the beginning, the reader sees Emma as a young and innocent girl who "blushing crimson" (1097) at Charles seems like a very lovely and beautiful person. This is because the reader sees Emma through the eyes of Charles, and later after she marries Charles the reader soon realizes that her character is different than what is expected because now we see the true Emma in the narrator's point of view. Emma dreams of the rich, and lavish fantasy world and realizes the reality of her own in which the conflicts between the two cause chaos in her life. Emma is a person who is so engulfed in reading love stories and romance novels, that she does not appreciate the reality of her own life and family.

Emma finds the reality of...