Charlotte Bronte's "Jane Eyre" Ch 1-6 Gateshead Setting Analysis (Essay)

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Who should control the lives of women? In "Jane Eyre" by Charlotte Bronte, the author expresses her ideas about the role of women in Victorian society through her social critiques, tone and characterizations, and her physical description of the setting. Jane Eyre is the main character of the story, told from her point of view, likes to put much detail into the compilation of her past.

Bronte is against anything that prevents women from being independent. During this part of Jane Eyre, the main character is having trouble adapting to her new environment which reveals a tone of slight frustration, but also optimism because of the "long and difficult" "lessons" that were to "frequent[ly] change" made her "glad". (pg. 55) This optimism shows how her chances of receiving a good education are improving.

Charlotte Bronte's social critique from this section of Jane Eyre and the rest of the girls "shiver[ed] in [their] beds".

(pg. 54) A bed is a symbol of society that most commonly represents the feeling of being secure and safe. Bronte creates this situation to show that the girls are scared of their current situation in the patriarchal culture (that made them shiver).

The environment in this passage shows another aspect of Bronte's thoughts about the current situation of the women. Outside it is cold and has caused many things to freeze and as a result they aren't able to move. This can be interpreted as society is the coldness that has caused the position of women to freeze which they aren't able to free themselves from. Although the women are stuck in place at the moment there is hope. If the women try hard enough they can escape from the "crevices" in the "room[s]" that they are trapped in. The social...