Chekhov's "Lady with the Pet Dog"

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On the "Lady with the Pet Dog" Chekhov tells us the story of Gurov and Anna. They first meet on the Russian province of Yalta, being both of them married they ultimately decided to be involve in an extramarital relation. In one hand Guruv is the head of a family, on the other hand Anna is a woman married to a high ranked politician. After they get involved in this forbidden relationship, they fell in love with each other, but have to hide their relationship from the rest of the society. Having Guruv as central the character implies that we are told only one part of the story. We only know what Guruv's feelings were and how he felt when he noticed he really fell in love with Anna.

The personal life of every individual is based on secrecy, or at least Guruv gives us this example as he tries to hide his relationship with Anna.

Even though they love each other it was impossible for them to show any display of emotion for each other in public. Therefore they had to hide their love, as a secret. When Anna had to return to her husband's side, they said good bye to each other and were not to see each other again, for both of them it was over; but as the time went by they realized that it was not just an adventure what they had, and started to see each other in secrecy again. The hard part of their relationship was not the fact that they loved each other, it was that they had a forbidden love just because they were married and have a status in society, neither of them were able to give it up.