Chekhov's Love Talent: "Angle [The Darling]" and "The Lady with the Little Dog" Compare and contrast foreshadowing, setting, and characterization elements of fiction in both stories.

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Chekhov's Love Talent

The love relationships that strain traditional relationships in both "Angel [The Darling]" and "The Lady with the Little Dog" by Anton Pavlovich Chekhov are similar in how they depict foreshadowing, yet the stories develop differently, skipping an introduction, jumping into developing the characters and then Chekhov begins describing the setting of the story. The foreshadowing of Chekhov has a major part in keeping the reader engrossed in the love stories.

The foreshadowing similarities between "Angel [The Darling]" and "The Lady with the Little Dog," are incredibly noticeable. Foreshadowing is the ability of the writer to give hints about future events that will occur in the story. Both stories deal with a love story and Chekhov does an exceptional job keeping the reader addicted to the stories. In "Angel [The Darling]," Olga Plemyannikov also known as Angel, first marries Vanya Kukin, but their wedding is not as they both expect.

"He was happy, but it rained on his wedding day - and his wedding night - so that look of desperation remained" (290). This is an example of foreshadowing because the reader cannot help but notice how the 'and' is italicized and that it is 'his' wedding, not Angel's and Vanya's. To the reader, this is a sign that at some point in the story the two newlyweds will split. Likewise, Dmitri Dmitrich Gurov, in "The Lady with the Little Dog" speaks of women several times as "an inferior race" (299). Gurov is a married man who enjoys the company of females more than males because he feels more comfortable with women. The foreshadowing alerts the reader that Gurov will or already has encountered mistresses and he will continue to do so with Anna.

Another example of foreshadowing is Olga receiving the urgent telegram in "Angel [The Darling],"...