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Quest0ion 1 - Examples of different self-heating food and drink you could buy:

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Hotbox Food would like to present a line of delicious beverages in completely self-heating cans. Thanks to these innovative containers called "Hotshots", it is now possible to drink high quality beverages at any time and at any place. Neither an external heat source, nor any other cooking utensils are required. Drinks 2go recipes do not contain additives, preservatives, artificial colourings or any raw materials obtained from GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms).

Now you can enjoy a Hot Drink or a Hot Tin of Soup in 3 Minutes wherever you may be. These products are perfect for the Camper, the Rambler, the Fisherman, the Sales Person who does not want to get caught short when stuck on the Motorway or indeed anyone who likes the convenience that our Hotshots Drinks and Soups offer.

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Self-Heating Meal in a Bag All Day Breakfast

Self-Heating Meal in a Bag Beans & Potato

Self-Heating Meal in a Bag Chicken & Potato Curry

Self-Heating Meal in a Bag Chicken Curry With Rice

Self-Heating Meal in a Bag Meatballs with Pasta

Self-Heating Meal in a Bag Thai Green Chicken Curry

Self-Heating Meal in a Bag Thai Green Vegetable Curry

Self-Heating Hot Drink Black Coffee

Self-Heating Hot Drink Cappuccino

Hot Can Self Heating Meal Cheese Ravioli Vegetarian

HotCan Self Heating Meal Meatballs With Beans

HotCan Self Heating Meal Tortellini Bolognaise

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Question 2 - What chemicals are used to heat up food and drink in these cans?:

Heat is generated inside the Hot-Can from the mixing of Calcium Oxide (quicklime, CaO) with Hydrogen Dioxide (water, H2O) which produces Calcium Hydroxide (Ca(OH)2)

The formula for this exothermic reaction is:...