Child Abuse - Incest

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Child Abuse - Incest

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This paper will investigate the controversial conclusions and results to the questions related to incest, which is a form of child abuse. I will focus on what child sexual abuse is? What are the short term affects of child abuse? What are the long-term affects? These questions will be answered in this paper on incest.


Incest is a sexual relationship among two or more people who are closely related to each other (often have blood relation or are among the immediate family members) (Vander Mey & Neff, 1986, p. 23). The act of incest is known to be illegal or socially taboo that varies with societies, their cultures and their jurisdiction. According to some societies, incest includes only those individuals who are living in the same house, some includes people belonging to the same lineage or clan, and some includes immediate family members or blood relatives only (Schwartz-Kenney, McCauley, & Epstein, 2001, p.


The taboo of incest is one of the most general of all cultural taboos exist in our societies. This taboo was found in our past nations as well as it is widespread even today. Many societies in the modern era have imposed social and legal restrictions on marriages among blood relatives or consanguineous marriages (Jones, 2002).

Incest History

Ancient Egypt is known to be a society where relations among mother-son, father-daughter and brother-sister were in practice. Furthermore, some Inuit and the Balinese tribes believed in the legality and morality of incest (Vander Mey & Neff, 1986, p. 67).

Defining Incest

The taboo of incest may be determined its cases. The people who commit incest and the types of incest...