Child Abuse in our Society.

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When the term 'child abuse' comes to mind we probably think different

things. Some of us think of children being beaten up, or not being fed. Or

some of us may think of a couple years ago and the two year girl's

mother made her live in the dryer for a week. Whatever we think of child

abuse, I'm going to expand your knowledge of it, by telling you

what it is, why people hurt innocent children, who is involved, the

aftermath, the media's affect and an organization that works hard to

prevent child abuse.

The expression 'child abuse' refers to violence, mistreatment or

neglect placed on a child while in the care of their parents, siblings,

relatives or guardian. Child Abuse is illegal and classified into 4 forms

and I will go over them.

PHYSICAL ABUSE... involves injure to a child or putting the child at

risk of being injured.

Physical abuse can involves one or more of the

following: beating, hitting, shaking, pushing, choking, biting,

burning, kicking and assaulting a child with a weapon.

SEXUAL ABUSE AND EXPLOITATION... involves using a child for

sexual purposes such as rape, incest, forcing a child into prostitution

and pornography. often a repeated incident. It involves neglecting the

needs and wellbeing of a child, such as not providing clothes, food,

shelter or medical needs. Emotional neglect involves not providing

the child with love, safety or a sense of value.

EMOTIONAL ABUSE...involves making threats to a child, excluding

a child in social activities, intimidation and exposing the child to

family violence.


There are many reasons one may commit child abuse. They may:

* Be under drugs such as marijuana or alcohol

* Have suffered child abuse in their childhood

* Not be ready to have...