Child Poverty in the United States

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Poverty can be hard to describe at times especially when involving children. "Last year, 35.9 million Americans - including 13 million children - lived in poverty" (de Leon, 2004). There is no need for these kinds of rates, especially when it comes to our children. Children in poverty are issues that cannot be ignored in today's society. Over coming child poverty would take enormous energy and strength from everyone in the United States. "While we are the richest country, we rank highest in child poverty rates among rich nations" (BEZRUCHKA, 2007). The thing that most people overlook is the insufficient nutrition along with unemployment and housing that is overcrowded. Some people like to believe that these children do not exist and everyone is happy and carefree. When in most cases there could be a child living in poverty next door.

There are many low-income people in the United States; a huge number of them are children.

"In 2003, the government classified 35.9 million men, women, and children-12.5 percent of the U.S. population-as poor" (Macionis, 2006). A person being poor is another word for a person being in poverty. Poverty can be defined in many ways, for example, inadequate income can make a family be below the poverty line. The home environment can also add to the poverty issue because, most homes that look in disrepair mean that the family living inside might not have the income to fix things. When a family is in the poverty zone they feel bad and inadequate which can make them unwilling to ask for help. This can be harmful to the children because they do not have a say when the adults need help.

A child in poorer family can also have poor health due to inadequate healthcare and routine visits. Lower income families...