Child Prostitution in Australia

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This is about the younger women selling sex on the streets of Australia. Took notes on a former pro and then wrote up the essay.

Child Prostitution

By.. aco.

This essay will be based on a very controversial and alarming matter, Child Prostitution. This topic was chosen from a selection of around 20 other issues by our classroom. Although not my favourite of topics, I thought it would be very interesting to do, and I would learn more about this matter, as I didn't know much about Child Prostitution prior to doing this essay.

Child Prostitution is a very serious matter. It is not something which is happening only in places such as Thailand and the Netherlands, it is happening right here in Perth, and unfortunately its on the rise. Currently there are over 200 child sex workers in Perth alone, which is 50 more than 6 months ago.

Some of these children are known to be as young as 10.

Child prostitutes work at basically the same places as normal prostitutes do. Places like escort agencies, brothels contain many underage sex workers, who often lie about they're age, so they can work at these places. The streets is also where a lot of them spend they're time looking for 'work'. This is very dangerous, and for some it's the only place they can work because they are too young to work at a brothel, or an escort agency.

Underage prostitution is illegal. The minimal age is 18. So why do these teenagers to prostituting? The majority of the time, they need money to pay for food, shelter and in a lot of cases, drugs. Sometimes sexual favours are not performed for money, but for one nights shelter and food. These children do the things they do for...