Child Sex Tourism Regulation Report

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There are many factors have filled the increasing in the child sex tourism eg poverty, a lack of education, inadequate laws and the sex tourism industry had no territorial boundaries therefore, in order to successfully combat the problem when minor are victimized, it need the help of the international groups. However, to prevent sex tourism of children, valuable law (law of enforcement) and preventative organizations are essential.

As not surprisingly many destination countries have strengthened their laws, which addressing the prostitution of children in an effort to stem the influx of sex tourists and protect their children from exploitation. Therefore, to do this both of the sending and receiving countries must act to punish those who travel to sexually exploit children.3 Base on the Australia's Crimes (Child-Sex Tourism) Amendment Act 1994 criminalizes sexual intercourse with someone who is younger than 16 years of age while outside of Australia and applies to Australian citizens or residents of Australia sexually exploit children.

4 The Research has found that the worst affected area for child prostitution is Asia, where one million children are sexually exploited. An estimated 30,000 children in India are in the sex trade, along with between 80,000 and 800,000 children in Thailand (2002). The Authority of Thailand (TAT) 2 has taken into preventing and discouraging sex related tourism and its role is to take responsible on the promotion and control of tourism for instant individual wishing to become a tour operator are required by law to apply for the permit from the Registration Business office.

Some pedophiles are motivated to commit child sex crimes overseas because they believe foreign child sex laws are less strict than ours, 7"Australian Newspaper Friday 28th 2003) By Natalie O'Brien

According to (5) defines ECPAT (Child End Prostitution, Pornography and Trafficking) is...