Childhood Fairytale

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When I was a wee-little girl, I was raised quite gullibly. I thought, being the princess that I was, a young handsome prince would gallantly stroll into my castle on his white stallion and rescue me from the cruel agonies of my sheltered life. We'd wander off into the sunset and we'd live happily ever after.

Then reality hit me right in the face once I became a teenager. Who knew being a girl would be so hard? Besides from always having to act like a "young lady," it was tough. When I became a teenager it's like my life ceased to exist to me anymore. I was living a life I wasn't sure how too. I suddenly became interested in boys, trying to always impress them by wearing dresses and make-up. That was my first mistake. Then high school came around, older guys, school dances, dating, yippee! High school changed my life.

But now that I look back on High School I realize that dating in high school is so bogus and over dramatized.

We have that first love, the guy we can't seem to get off of our mind. The guy who is the star quarterback, popular, good-looking, drives the nicest car to school, and something about his smile makes you melt like an ice cube on the hottest summer day. I never thought in a million years that he could possibly like a quiet, girl next-door type like me. Then one day he noticed me in the hallway and said hi to me when he walked by. My body just seems to feel like jello and I seem to be gasping for air to say hello back to him. Now it was too late he'd already walked on by. I walked to class kicking myself for not saying anything back to him. Now I'm sitting in class, not caring at all what the teacher is muttering about. All I can think about is him, the smile he wore so proudly when he walked by and the way his eyes sparkled by the lighting in the hallway.

As the year goes on, I buy my clothes geared towards his liking, I do my hair in ways I think he'll like, and I write notes to him but he never sees them. One night I was sitting home with nothing else to do. The phone rings. My mother calls out to me in the living room yelling, "The phone is for you, Christyn?" I pick up the phone and hear his voice. What am I supposed to say? I stumble over the word hello. Then he starts talking to me like he has been my best friend all year. Much to my relief, it relaxes me and we carry on a conversation for a couple hours. Getting to know each other, as I watched myself in the mirror pretending he was in front of me, trying to act cool. As I get ready to say goodnight, I ask him one last question, "Why did you call me tonight?" He says, "I almost forgot, Senior Prom is coming up and I was wondering if you would like to go with me?" I was so shocked that my jaw dropped to the floor and this unusual sound came out of my mouth. He says, "I'll take that as a yes?" I reply unknowingly, "Uh huh"(as I regain consciousness)"I mean, I would love to go." Then we said goodnight to each other and hung up the phone. I let out this shrill scream, then my mother barges through my bedroom door. "What? What's wrong?" I reply, "He asked me, He asked me to go to the Prom with him. Oh No, What am I going to wear? How am I going to do my hair?" My mother says, "Relax, we'll go shopping, get you the most beautiful dress and get your hair done professionally. You'll look amazing." The night comes for the big date. He strolls up to my house in a brand-new, white Ford Mustang, knocks on the door and I run to tell my mom to get the door "I'm not ready yet." I exclaim. He's standing in the foyer while my mother goes and retrieves the camera. I'm pacing around my bedroom talking to myself about how wonderful the night is going to be and that I can't make him wait too long. Then I come out of my room and start to descend the stairs, as he glances up at me that smile I adored so much when I first saw him came upon his face. But this time I knew it was meant just for me. My mother takes pictures of us as he tells me how amazing I look just as my mother said I would. It was about six o'clock, as we got ready to leave my house, just as the sun was setting. We go to the dance and we walk in the door holding hands, as my palm sweat combines with his. The night couldn't have gone more perfect. The whole school knew me in one magical night. He introduced me to a bunch of people whom I already knew they just didn't know me. Every time a slow song came on he was sure to hold me so close to his body. His scent drove me crazy all night. I couldn't figure out what he was wearing, it just smelled so incredible.

As the night came to a close, he brought me home and he opened the door of the mustang and helped me out. He offered me his jacket because it was a little chilly out; I took it in a heartbeat. We walked to my door talking about all the great things that happened all night. My heart began to palpitate quite rapidly in a matter of milliseconds. I was about to receive my first kiss. I have never done this before my mind began to ramble, what if I am horrible at it? Will he still like me? We get to the door, and I thank him for the best night of my life, it was like a dream come true. He asks me, "Do you mind if I kiss you goodnight?" I reply, "Ummm, I guess so, yeah. I would like that." The touch of his lips against mine sent chills up and down my spine. His lips were so soft; it was like I was kissing feathers. He then walked back to his car, but stopped halfway to say goodnight again with the same smile, but this time there was love in his smile.

I walked up to my room and slipped into my pajamas. As I lay in bed I noticed he left his jacket with me, but then I realized he would be back to pick it up. This was the night of my life, something I will never forget. To this day I think about the handsome prince that strolled up to my castle on his white stallion and drove me off into the sunset.