Children of the Digital age

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The world is rapidly changing. The advancement of technology is gaining ground faster and faster and this has a profound effect on our nation's children. An estimated 24 million children now have online access. Computers are a big part of the today's school system and pre-school institutions. Children between the ages of 3-5 years of age are becoming more and more familiar with computers.

As a child I spent long hours in front of a television or a 16-bit Nintendo video game system or outdoors exercising my creativity and imagination. I had never heard of computers at that age and three-dimensional video games were unheard of. Telephone and mail delivery were about the only sources of communication available. Instant E-mail and the tiny digital cell phones that engulf our nation today did not then exist on a broad scale then. Much of my enjoyment and entertainment came from small plastic toy cars or a heaping pill of random building blocks and my own imagination.

Children of today now have access to a wide variety of high tech gadgets. Kids as young as eleven or twelve years of age carry cell phones and have a very thorough understanding of computers. Even the video game category is becoming as real as life, yet at times excessively violent.

How do these technologies affect the way our children learn? What are some of the negative impacts of such high tech technology? A computer is a great way to influence healthy brain development. The internet is a very accessible collection of information. Typing promotes good hand eye coordination and surfing force children to read sites full of information. Reading is very essential, especially in early child development. Reading helps build a child's vocabulary and communication skills, which will have a huge impact on his social...