Children's Emergent Writing

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"Emergent Writers"An outlook during the early years.

"We compared the writing results from last year when emergent writing was not introduced at our school, and compared the results this year when emergent writing has been introduced and have seen an enormous difference in the results"'C. Roma'"I think emergent writing has been a great idea, I can see my children as confident writers"'S.Bano'"Prior to emergent writing, children came into year one, with the only capability of almost holding a pencil and I would only notice scribbles, I have in fact seen the children in reception this year, writing real letters and forming sentences""It has been one of the finest things which have ever taken place in our school!"'L. Christie'These are only a few thoughts and opinions on emergent writing, which I collected from the teachers working within the foundation stage and key stage 1, at my current employment.

As the reader must have realised that all the feedback I received was very positive, but the question is;Why has 'emergent' writing been such a success?What's so magical about it, that it has proved to have dramatically improved the performance of children's literacy abilities?Through this search, I managed to dig out the answers to my questions, which managed to offer me a more of a clear view of how 'emergent' writing plays its function throughout the early years.

In the recent years, we have seen a great deal of increase in interest in writing processes. (Beard 2000)This has encouraged practitioners to give much more thought about how and why children write. In building upon these developments however, it is important to understand the importance of the early foundations on which these writing processes are built upon.

Traditional teaching approaches towards the hope to develop children's writing skills have always commenced with the misconception...