Childrens Literature Analysis

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The first book that I have is Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume. This book is a classic for kids anywhere from 8-10 years old around the 3-5th grades.

The book consists of 10 Chapters around 10 pages long. There is minimal illustration, approximately 1 illustration per chapter that consists of a simple black and white drawing. Humor is a huge factor in this book enabling a child that is beginning to read their first chapter books to retain their attention long enough to finish the story, thus contributing to their cognitive development. This is a great book because there are a lot of situations that arise in which a child of this age can relate to. It's great for their social development by giving circumstances where older brother Peter, who is in the Fourth grade, interacts with his younger brother Fudge, who is two and a half.

Peter is often aggravated by his younger brothers behavior especially when Fudge ate his beloved pet turtle. Children with younger siblings can also relate to the frustration that Peter feels when his younger brother takes his homework and other belongings without asking and seems to always get his way. There is one point in particular where Fudge is throwing a tantrum in the shoe store because he does not want a particular pair of shoes that his mother is trying to get him to try on. Come to find out, Fudge was throwing a fit because he wanted the shoes that looked like his older brother Peter. This is an excellent example of the advantages to the social development that this book has to offer. The older children start to relate to Peter and see that their younger siblings look up to them as role models. By the end...