Chinua Achebe's novel is no longer at ease ,Tittle with the content

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With close reference to the text,it shows that no longer at ease is an appropriate title for Chinua Achebe s' novel, No longer at ease.

No longer at ease is the story about Obi Okonkwo and his parents who are against of Obis' marriage to the outcaste girl, Clara.The title suggested something obvious- someone once felt uncomfortable and unease . In this assignment I am going to outline how the title of the Novel is appropriate to the content of the book .

When I looked at the title "No longer at ease novel, it has come to my attention that the title has correlate and move in one line with the content of the novel. No longer at ease means you do not understand one another or things fall apart. The title reflects the discomfort felt by the main character, Obi Okonkwo. The theme of the novel is all about prejudice against an "Osu"Clara.

Things were no longer at ease because Obi fails to fulfill his culture and breaks it when he fell in love with an Osu, Clara. Things were no longer at ease when Obi did not allowed to marry Clara under the traditional ways of Igbo people in Nigeria.

The story s' plots started towards the end and flowing backwards to the beginning as it indicated by Achebe (2010,p.1) "For three or four weeks obi Okonkwo had been steeling himself against this moment. When he worked into the dock...he thought he was fully prepared."Again it was also shown that things were no longer at ease when the judge mentioned the words "I cannot comprehend how a young man of your education and brilliant promise could done this,that a sudden and marked change occurred"(Achebe, 2010,p. 2) This novel begins with negative note,starting...