The Choloe And The Rose

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The Cholo and The Rose By Liz Brown English Period 6 "Hey Olivia" yelled Andréa." Wait up for me." Olivia stopped in her tracks to wait up for her best friend Andrea Rodriguez, to find out if her all time crush Sammy Tellez, liked her. When Andréa caught up to Olivia, Olivia was anxious to find out what Sammy had said. Olivia was drop dead in love with Sammy; even though he was seventeen she loved the way he smiled, his looks, his great body, the way he was so charming and sweet, but most of all what made Olivia's stomach tickle with joy was looking into Sammy bright green eyes.

" Dang girl you aren't ever going to believe this." Said Andréa. "When Sammy found out that you had a huge crush on him, his face turned red, and he stared to smile. Then he told me to give you this letter, and no I didn't read it."

Olivia grabbed the letter from Andrea's hands and it read: Hey Olivia, What's up!? When Andrea told me that you were crushin me, I couldn't help to blush. That's when I began to write you this letter and well I like you too. I was just a little shy to admit it to you. I love everything about you such as your light honey brown eyes, your dark brown hair, and your pretty smile, the way you're loyal, but yet shy, and last but not least your personality. Well now I want to ask you to meet me at the Valley Park at 7:00 pm.

Sincerely, Sammy At that moment Olivia almost fainted, she began to make a scene. Andréa was getting embarrassed because people at their school were looking at her, also because her boyfriend Jesse Solis, Sammy's best friend was coming toward them both.

Olivia calmed her self down, but just to be sure, she read the letter again. Jesse saw the letter, took it, and struggled to read it, because Olivia was trying to get it back. Jesse's eyebrows went up as he was getting to the end of the letter. Olivia grabbed the letter from Jesse hands. " Dang, girl you got it goin good with my homie," Said Jesse." Olivia smirked.

That night Olivia waited at the park. Then she saw Sammy's low rider, it was white with sparkling blue streaks on it, and he always kept it looking nice. When Sammy got out of the car he looked for Olivia. Then when he spotted her, he walked toward her, Olivia began to get nervous.

Sammy got right to the point. "Well, I know you must have read my letter or else you wouldn't be here, but anyway, Andrea told me you liked me a lot, and well, I was hoping you did and you did. Well, I asked her to ask you if you wanted to be my girlfriend: so what do you say." Olivia shook and stuttered the word "yes". Sammy gave a small laugh.

Sammy held out his hand and asked, "Do you want to come to my homie's party? Would your parents care?" Olivia said, "My mom is dead and my dad doesn't care what I do or what happens. So yeah, sure, I'll go with you." As Sammy pulled up to the house Olivia looked out the window of the car at the two story house in the ghetto area. When they walked into the house there were a lot of people there. Olivia thought pretty much that they were Sammy's gang related friends. Sammy and Olivia walked hand-in-hand into the huge living room; it had three couches, a big screen television, two recliner chairs and two coffee tables. Sammy's cousin approached them. He looked at Sammy and Olivia holding hands and said, "Yo Sammy, who is this fine lady?" "Olivia spoke for herself, my name is Olivia Hernandez." "Tight, my name is Kenny Jackerson, but all of the cholos here call me Flaco, that means----." "I know what it means, I do speak Spanish" said Olivia. "It means skinny, huh?" "Yeah," said Flaco.

Olivia sat down at one of the couches. Sammy put his arm around her. Olivia saw Jesse and Andréa flirting on one of the other couches. They walked over and Jesse winked his eye at Sammy and said, " Nice one homie". "Yeah, I know, huh, but his time my baby is a keeper, "Olivia giggled, as did Andréa.

As the night grew on, Sammy had had some drinks and was getting some what rowdy. He was acting like a stupid drunk; Olivia expected it. She didn't have anything to drink; she didn't like alcohol. Olivia looked over at Jesse and Andréa making out at the corner, then she wondered when Sammy was going to make the first move on her. Then she looked mover at Smiley (José) and his two-year-old son, Alejandro, and smiled at how they play together.

Suddenly there was an unexpected drive by; shots rang out at the house. Sammy pulled Olivia to the ground and covered her with his arms. Everyone ducked for cover. Glass shattered, and bullets went through walls. Then when it was all over, Jesse rushed to the window to see who had shot out at the house. He yelled, "those stupid colonia (colony). What, do they think that we'll take this? Because we won't ,We alway get them back! Always!" At that moment Olivia began to shake and tears welled up in her eyes. Sammy said, "It's alright it's all----." "No look!" she exclaimed. "Oh God," said Sammy " Someone call an ambulance! Now!"Smiley looked down at his son; he had been shot in the left shoulder. Smiley yelled, "No God, not my son, please, not Alejandro." At that moment Olivia relized that Smiley wasn't Smiley any longer. As she watched him hold his son tearfully in his arms, praying to God to let his son live. Alejandro was all Jose had left. His wife had died in a car accident when Alejandro was only six mounths old. Olivia couldn't help herself from crying. Andrea went to help Jose by bringing a towel to try to stop the bleeding. Jesse went to help Flaco get rid of the beers, so that the cops wouldn't arrested them for under age drinking. Sammy held Olivia to try to keep her from going into shock.

Finally the ambulance was at the house along with the cops to ask questions. They asked if they knew who it was that shot at the party, but they lied and said they didn't know, they said that so they could get revenge and not get caught doing it. Jose got in the ambulance with his son. Sammy, Olivia, Flaco, Andrea, and Jesse got into Sammy car. Other gang member's got into other car's and they all headed towards the hospital.

Jose came though the doors of the hospital waiting room and said sadly, "The docter said that its a 50/50 chance that Alejandro might live. He won't know until the morrning. Sammy and Flaco were fed up with this. They wanted revenge. Sammy stood up on a chair and made an an annoucement, he said, " ME and Flaco can't take this any longer we got a plan to get back those Colonia's. No matter what even if that baby lives or dies, for sure the member's of Colonia that shot at us tonight will die." Olivia tried to calm down Sammy. She pulled him down beside her and said, "Sammy please calm down, I know you're upset. So am I, Ok? I mean one minute I see Jose and Alejandro playing and the next I see Alejandro lying in a puddle of blood. Believe me, I know you want revenge, but atleast wait over night until we find out what the results are, Ok? Please?" Sammy agreed.

The next morrning, Olivia woke up at Sammy's side in the waiting room of the hospital. She smiled, then sat up and looked around and saw people sleeping on the chairs and the floor. Olivia got up and looked out the waiting room window to watch the sunrise. Sammy woke up and saw her staring out the window, he got up quietly and snuck up behinde her, wrapped his arms around her and then kissed her on the cheek and said, " Good morning." She responded "Good moring. Are you feeling better today." " yeah I guess, but I'll feel alot better when Jose comes through those doors and tells all of us that his son will be alright." Jose walk into the doors of the waiting room and laughed silenly at how all the people stayed the night to find out what the results were. Sammy and Olivia turned around and saw Jose, they both tried to find out what the results were just by looking at his face, but they couldn't figure it out. Sammy began to wake up everbody. Once everyone was up and yawning, Jose began to speak. "Well the doctor came into the room and told me that the results cam in....... he said that Alejandro...... Everyone was quiet and just watched Jose lips move. "Alejandro will live." Sammy was relieved with joy, he gave Olivia the biggest hug she had ever had from anyone. Other gangsters that were there were smiling and relieved with joy. Sammy went over to Jose and said " Your dang lucky homie." " No my boy is lucky, and you can call me Smiley again. Aight fool." As the day went by everyone went back to thier homes to change clothes and get ready for that night. About 7:00 at night everyone retuned to the hospital. Flaco stood up on the chair and made an annoucement saying "Yo, Homies listen up, alright". We are going to leave here to go get those colonia member's and when we do they'll pay badly. Nobody shoots at Water Redlens and gets away with it. Now let go get those........! Andrea, Olivia, and Maria, and the rest of you girls wait here at the hospital just incase the docter needs to talk to somebody about the kid. Ok? Smiley your coming with us, you got business to take care of." As they all began to leave Olivia pulled Sammy to the side and said, " please be careful, don't get caught, ok? Come back to me. Promise me you will." Sammy pulled Olivia to him and kissed her then smiled and said "I promise you I'll come back, and in one piece." All the cholo's went crusing around to look for colonia. After two and half hours of looking all round the ghetto they finally found them. Colonia was standing outside of thier leader's car, Chato (Hugo). Sammy pulled up to them on the other side of the road. The rest of his homies were laying down in the back of the car. They were waiting for the right moment to surprise Colonia with thier guns. Sammy got out of the car and gave the signal. All of Sammy homies in the back of his car started shooting at the little group of colonia's. Each one of colonia got shot somewhere on thier body, when the shots ended Flaco told Smiley to get out of the car and walk over to Chato with Sammy and do what he had to do. Sammy grabbed Chato before he could get away and said "bye-bye." With a smile. Smilie smiled at chato and said in spanish "Esta anterior yo hijo."(this is for my son) The he pulled the trigger at his head and Chato fell to the gound dead with a stream of blood flowing. Smiley and Sammy rushed to the car as they herd the cop sirens, and went back to the hospital.

Back at the hospital Olivia was worried sick about Sammy, she sat nexted to the baby in his private room, praying that Sammy didn't get caught by the police, about two minutes later Sammy and Smiley walked into the room. Olivia turned around with amazement. She jumped up and hugged Sammy and kissed him. She was releived to see Sammy wasn't hurt. Sammy asked Olivia, "How is my boy doing?" Olivia said, "really good, the docter came in alittle while ago and told me that Alejandro would be out of the hospital in aboout a week and a half." Smiley smiled at her and gave her a hug for watching his son.

Sammy pulled Olivia to the side and asked her, "Olivia, I gotta keep low for a while, I got to go to South L.A, so the cops don't find me. I want to know if you'll come with me, you said your dad didn't care what you did. We will go and rent a small apartment, it will be just for a couple of months then we can come back, I promise. All the other homies went home to pack thier things they have to lay low too, most of Water Redlen's gang had to split up, and it isn't like we have to go to school anymore, cause you know that school is over so were fine, please come with me." Olivia said "Yeah, sure, I'll go with you, it's better than living with my dad, he don't even want me. Sammy smiled and they both went to each other's houses to go get thier things.

As the months went by Olivia and Sammy waited for the day that Flaco would call them up and tell them to come back for a meeting. Finally Flaco's call came, after seven mounth's of waiting, Sammy answerd the phone "Hello" " hey fool, whats up!" said Flaco "Hey homie, dang its been a long time since we've talked," "yeah, well it's time for that meeting." "Alright but it's just going to be me coming, Olivia can't come, she's pregnant you know, I'm going to be a daddy." "Nah for real homie, congratulation. But, hey, be at my place at 6:00 tonight.Ok?" When Sammy roled up to Flaco's remodeled house he saw all of his homies, even Smiley and Alejandro. Alejandro walked up to Sammy and said, "whad up homeboy, look at me now I'm good as new. And I can talk becuase I'm three now. Flaco nicknamed me Surviver. Tight huh!" Sammy laughed with excitment, Smiley walked up and picked up Alejandro and said whats up to Sammy. Sammy told Smiley the good news about Olivia and that they were going to get married after the baby is born. Smiley congratulated him. Jesse and Andrea walk up behind and tapped Sammy on the shoulder, he turned around and said,"Hey whad up ya'll" Jesse said "well i'm gettin married in about two monthes." "Oh thats cool that's when Olivia is due for delivery," "Oh yeah, that right Olivia told Andrea on the phone that she was having a baby ." yeah then after the baby is born we're going to get married too." "Tight".

Flaco assembled everyone in to the living room, it looked pretty much the same, holes were patched up. Flaco began to speak, "Ya'll don't have to lay that low anymore, the word on the street is that the cops stopped looking for the killer's but those stupid Colonia's didn't know it was us ,they don't know the exact people." All the gang member that were involed in the murder were relieved that they could go into town and act cool instead of nervous.

When Sammy went home and told Olivia the new's, she suggested buying a house. Sammy agreed, two weeks before the baby came Sammy found a house and got some of his homies to help move furniture in the new house.

The baby was born November 17th, 1999. He was named Sammy Megual Jr. Tellez. Also, Andrea and Jesse were married the same day as Sammy and Olivia. A double wedding. Two years passed by and Sammy and Olivia were more in love then they were before they were married. On June 20th, Sammy and Olivia's two year anniversary, Sammy walked through the door of his home, Olivia came to greet him. Andrea had been in the baby's room putting the baby for his nap. Sammy gave Olivia a big hug and romantic kiss, and from behind his back he pulled a beautiful bright red rose. Olivia smiled and gave him another hug, but then unexpectedly another drive by went by, but only this time it hit Sammy in the back through the heart. He began to fall from Olivia's arms to the ground. Olivia screamed "No, No, God, No Please!! Sammy please don't go, please don't leave me all alone." Andrea rushed from the baby's room and saw Sammy taking his last breath by saying, I-I love y-you, always remember y-you g-got the best of m-m-me, Sammy Jr. Tell h- him I love h--hi--him when he is ol-older. I'll alway's be there for y-y-y-y-you.......

Olivia sat there with her head on his chest crying while she heared him take his last breath. She lifted up her head and saw that the bright beautiful red rose had layed next to Sammy's heart, and Olivia knew what he said was true, but that still didn't stop the tears from falling. Andrea comforted Olivia next to Sammy's body.

At Sammy Tellez funeral over three hundred people attended, each person brought and put a single red rose on his coffin. Even though Olivia knew Sammy Jr. wouldn't understand any of this until he was older, but Sammy did give the best gift to Olivia other than thier child together; he had given her his heart.