"The Chosen" by Chaim Potok: A look into the life of Danny.

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In "The Chosen", Danny is coming of age. He is Dealing with normal teenage drama: school, family, and friends. Yet for someone like Danny, there is more to deal with. He is in line to be the next Hasidic Rabbi, by a dynasty that has been in his family for as long as he can remember. Although Danny has dreams of his own, they are far from being fulfilled because of tradition. Throughout the story, he gains characteristics that inspire him to chase his dreams, even though his father disagrees.

When growing up, achieving a dream can seem impossible, especially without support from family. Danny knows what his future holds, but he wishes it were different. He has a passion for psychology, so without his father's permission he begins to read and study it. This takes an eminence amount of courage. Courage one would not usually find in a young adult.

Along with courage he has such an amazing desire for psychology. A desire that leads to actions you would also not expect from a young adult.

With courage and desire Danny decides that psychology is what he wants his future to hold. With that decision, he has to tell his father, which will take bravery. Bravery that he is not sure he has in him. He loves his father dearly and does not wish to hurt him. So when his father predicts what decision he has come to. It takes a burden away from him, but yet adds another. He felt he had disappointed his father in a way he could never make up for. This burden didn't stop him from achieving his dream.

Before one can accomplish a dream, they must first realize that in the end they have to do what's right for them. It takes...