Christmas time is here!

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Christmas, to me, is the most precious time of year for friends and family to gather and show their love and appreciation of each other. It is a joyful time to reflect on the past, talk about the present, and dream of the future. It is a time to give, share, and receive.

An extra effort is put into travel plans and special visits with relatives and friends that I haven't seen in a while. I want to be around the people I love, and those who love me. I find it to be a spiritual and peaceful feeling. I find what really sets the mood is decorating. It is the most festive activity of the season. I have decorations that go back more than 25 years that are hung on the tree year after year. I also love Christmas because we bake all the traditional family favorite recipes, as well as trying out new ones.

We have so much fun together and it brings out the child in all of us. We play our favorite carols throughout the season, especially the old ones, like the Chipmunks. The music even follows me to the stores. I really enjoy trying to find that 'perfect gift' for the people in my family. I like to shop, so spending hours in the mall hunting for that special gift is a real treat for me. I notice more smiles on people's faces everywhere I go. Most of them appear to be happier and more cheerful this time of year. I normally do not like the snow and cold, but not this time of year. I am so preoccupied with shopping, baking, decorating, music, family, and friends that the weather is the furthest from my mind. What does catch my eye though,