The CIA in the World in the 1950s

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The CIA in the World in the 1950s


The CIA in the World in the 1950s


Like many other countries US in its early foundation also had to deal with its espionage. Thus a revolutionary war was also fought provided further platform for their haven. With the attacks carried out by the Japan on the Pearl Harbor 1941, US also became a part of World War II. Thus the American government came to know that those having the best of information could only win the wars. Thus the World War II came to an end with the United States standing tall over the heap of all other states. Soon US came face to face with its arch- rival the Soviet Union and the epic era of Cold Wars began (Wilford, 2008).


The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) came into being on 18th September 1947 according to the National Security Act.

It was the Congress that created the Central Intelligence Agency signed by the president of America Harry Truman. It is the flesh and blood of World War II's Office of Strategic Services (OSS), which broke up in 1945 and transferred its functions to the Departments of State and War (Wilford, 2008).

The headquarters of it are located in Langley, Virginia United States. The purpose of it is to look after operations conducted upon the intelligence, activities of counter-intelligence outside the US and the issues of security. Also it has a vital role in carrying out domestic operation of counterintelligence in collaboration with Federal Bureau Of Investigation (FBI) with the approval of the attorney journal. The early 50's and the mid 60's was a very crucial decade in terms of Americans along with the...