Cicero: Leader Of Rome

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Cicero In history there were many great and expansive civilizations. Arguably the greatest of these was Rome. Rome grew from a small but prosperous fishing village, into a nation that expanded over the sea to conquer most of the world as it was known during their existence.

A nation as great as Rome did not become this powerful with average men. The men of Rome were also powerful. They ruled the nations with military and political brilliance. They persuaded the people with their eloquence and character and most of all their love for Rome. One of these men that was so loved by the people was a man by the name of Cicero as introduced to us by the writings of Plutarch.

Plutarch was a philosopher and biographer who wrote the most comprehensive biographies on Rome's most influential men. In reading his works we find that he was very biast when writing about Romans.

For whatever reason, Plutarch found the need to embellish the truth in order to convey his message when writing. It is said that Plutarch idolized the leaders of Rome that demonstrated qualities such as courage, leadership, generosity, patience and eloquence. Of all the leaders of Rome, Cicero is said to be the most eloquent.

The name Cicero comes from the Latin word "˜cicer', meaning chickpea. It is said that the ancestor given this name was given it in humor because of the nick at the end of his nose resembling a chickpea. Yet the man to whom this name was given must have been a person of distinction because his descendants carried the name with pride.

Marcus Tullius Cicero was born to his mother on the third day of the new year. Stories tell that his nurse had visions "˜in which she was told the child...