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Hopes for the World I have many hopes for the world, yet so many cannot be made true.

Hopes can only be made true, if the people in this world work together as a whole.

One hope that I have for the world is that terrorism and crime is gotten rid of and considered a myth. The recent incident in the United States has made a lot of the world scared and become more cautious than usual. However, it is not just the Sept.11 attacks. It is the everyday wars and crimes going in the world. Without terrorism and crime, people would be able to live more peacefully on our planet and many more lives can be saved. What is the reason for terrorism? It is often just to seek vengeance. What is the reason for crime? Sometimes we make bad decisions, sometimes it is a psychological disorder, but most of the time it is for money.

I believe the goal to stop terrorism and crime may be achieved over time. We have to take measures to prevent criminal acts. Countries with bad relations should be able to make up and discuss the options they have to stop those relations. Many countries already have laws against every crime possible, but they are not always reinforced. Police is getting increasingly corrupted everyday. That just tells us how far people go for money.

Another hope I have for the world is to help lessen poverty. Poverty cannot be eliminated as a whole, because there will always be people that are unemployed or that have a low pay, but it can be lessened around the world. Poverty is the reason why many people starve to death in poor countries. It can happen to people that do not even deserve it. By lessening this,