The Civil Rights movement .

Essay by DutchF, June 2003

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The Civil Rights movement ironically has the pretext of promoting justice and equality; however, in recent years the once so-called 'Oppressors' have now become the 'Oppressed'. Due to Affirmative Action, equal-outcome programs, and hate-crime legislation, many Americans are now denied fair and equal opportunities, and equal protection and treatment under the law. To add to the insult and oppression of certain Americans today, there has been an on going gross distortion of history and a continuing desecration of historical monuments and symbols. The section of the United States, from South Carolina to Texas, where people live who are of Anglo Saxon and Celtic blood, and who's lineage goes back to the 'Tide-Water', and from there to the British Isles: Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and England, has experience extreme prejudice from the courts and organizations like the NAACP, Black Panthers, ACLU, and the ADL. This class of people has once again been disenfranchised in compliance with and in accordance to the Reconstruction Act of March 2, 1867.

Appeals from this segment of society are of no avail and without remedy. The courts have turned a deaf ear to one race of people and their culture, and have favored that of another.

It is a moral and Biblical fact that all men have an eternal Soul, and that all men are looked upon by God in an un-discriminatory light concerning spiritual things; that is, that Christ shed his blood for the sins of all mankind, and not just for the iniquities of only one race of people, and we all have fallen short of the mark; but the Lamb of God, which is the Lion of Judah, gave himself as the ultimate and final sacrifice for the transgressions of the whole world. It is the will of the Living God that all might...