The Civil War: Differences of how the North and South were being affected with examples of Staunton and Chamberburg.

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The topic of the Civil War alone is a huge subject. Before I took this class I knew the basics about the cause of the Civil War, the war itself and the aftermath of it. Not really any in-depth information about it. I think the website that we were instructed to use, The Valley of the Shadow by Edward L. Ayers is perfect for a person like me who only knows the basics. This website is setup to where if you know the general outline of the Civil War , the site gives you a more personal side of what was going on. It tells you about news paper articles that were being printed at particular times of the war, and gives you both the North's perspective and the South's perspective on things. It also tells you about individual soldiers, their statistics, and even publishes some of their letters.

The website also contains images of things such as soldiers, battle sites, parades, and much more. I liked this website, and thought it was a helpful tool for me and other college students learning about the Civil War. I liked it so much because instead of just bombarding me with black and white facts, it gave me a more personal understanding of the people involved in the war.

The section of the website that interested me the most was the personal letters and dairies. I learned so much about specific events as well as individual men and their reactions. One of the events that I found interesting was the correspondence over the Burning of Chambersburg. Chambersburg was a town in Franklin County, Pennsylvania. The actual burning of the town by the Confederate Army was said to be a rare example of Confederate aggression on the North. The town was robbed...