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I carried out my observation on a kindergarten classroom social studies class that shared their lesson with a senior class. I joined the class at 2 PM. I came early and had to wait for the class to start. The children had arrived from library so the proper lesson started at 2:10 after some adjustments in the sitting arrangements. The kindergarten room was cheerfully decorated with lots of placards and student's art work. I noticed that the kids are being introduced colours as there were coloured strips on the blackboard which mentioned colours name along with some common things having those colours. The sitting arrangement was made in two rows, in such a way that they were facing each other. Each group was divided in to 14 seats each, so there were about 28 students in the class. The children were still carrying some library books and were curious about them.

Mrs. Jennifer asked the students to take their seats and they did so calmly.

Everyone's was looking at me. Mrs. Jennifer asked me to introduce myself to the students, which I did. She told the class that I was learning to be teachers and that I wanted to sit in on their social studies class. Each student sat at a little desk with their name laminated on the top. The students had laminated cards with their names on them tied around their neck with a long piece of yarn. I think that these were their library cards. Mrs. Jennifer asked me to gather these, which I did. The students were pretty quiet while this was going on and followed directions well.

Mrs. Jennifer told the class that they were going to have a joint lesson with Mrs. Smith's 1st grade class. She asked the students to come up to...