Class Sizes Are Too Large.

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Class Sizes Are Too Large

Whenever you turn on the television you see commercials about how education is working hard to educate the youth of today and how taxpayers dollars are being invested wisely to educate the youth. You also hear a lot about how education reforms are helping the education system and making it stronger and providing better education for children. In the classroom it is a different story, class sizes of thirty and more really show that education reform still has a long way to go, it makes you wonder if the new education reforms cost youth a good strong education because unacceptable class sizes. Class sizes at my school are too large.

One on one time with teachers is an essential part of the learning experience and is important for the education of children. Since the average class size at my school is thirty and more and there is only seventy-five minutes in a class, it greatly decreases and limits the one on one time the student can get with a teacher for clarification and extra help.

For instance once the teacher has finished a thirty-minute lesson there is still forty-five minutes left of class, but ten students need extra help, this leaves an average of only four minutes for each student to get clarification. Four minutes would not be enough time to clarify a half hour lesson. Another example would be, with so many students in a class a teacher would not be able to spend one on one time with a student that has been absent, to help them catch up. This is only one of the reasons that students at my school are suffering because class sizes are too large, causing individuals marks to suffer.

Another reason that class sizes at my school are...