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Since I have graduated high school and began college, I saw a different transition between social groups in schools. In high school social groups were formed based on different styles of fashion trends. After high school I came upon a new perspective which opened my views of how people should not be judge by their physical appearance.

The most popular social group, the-big-jocks-on-campus, maintained authority with in the school. Driving into school with model year" Mustangs " and " BMWs", they had their own special parking, otherwise they would force themselves to have their opening spot. People stereotyped them as jerks because of how they miss treated other students, especially females. This social group stated fashion as there way to show they were the next best thing to come out of high school. Receiving high grades, there teachers presented them as model class students. One reason they maintained to get high grades is because they managed to get answers for tests and finals, which mislead their teachers as being model students.

These jocks falsified there identity to get around, which mislead there teachers to think they did there very best to face college work. These cool cats think they own school because of there popular fashion statement and made them feel superior from the rest of the groups.

The big-jocks-in-campus student remind me of a football player I had in our English 12 class. He almost never attended class, only on days of tests and finals. Then on the days of our tests and finals, he would seat himself in the back room to copy down the answers he managed to get from his friends. When he was not present in class, his friends that picked up attendance mark him down as present. When he did find his...