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Brief Project Plan-Due Monday September 15th 11:59pm


Nathan Franklin

Mauricio Perez Mucientes

Andrew Camp

Matthew Griffin


To build a battle mousetrap car that will be able to successfully pass two tests:

Pulling a can as a sled

Tug of war battle with another mousetrap car.


In order to build a successful car we will need to come up with design ideas in order to create a prototype to test before the final product is made. Things that should be considered are:

Weight or mass of car.

Start mechanism.

Wheel size.

Wheel material.

Position of mousetrap on car

Cost of supplies used


In order to complete our project there will me group meetings throughout the week or as necessary to discuss any new ideas or plans and to make updates. Research will be done by everyone in the group to compare ideas when meetings are held.

We will draw up a design and determine what materials need to be purchased. Perform any necessary calculations and evaluations for an effective prototype. Create a budget for materials. Build a working prototype. Test prototype and improve as needed. Test final product according to grading criteria. These meetings will be held at regular intervals in order to ensure project completion by due date.


Using google docs, one-drive, and group chats, we can increase our level on connection and work simultaneously on the same thing. This will allow us to continue production, even if we can't get the whole team together at one time. This will also allow us to split up the work four ways and bring it back together for the final product.


Our planning will be loosely based on the following:

Initial designs

Starter mechanism redo

Body redo

Wheel system redo

First prototype


Second prototype




Final design