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Walking through the halls at any normal high school it can be very obvious the separations that exist. Many schools have different Cliques. Cliques usually are made up of a group of friends who have similar interests. There are the nerds, jocks, the popular crowd, freaks and any other group that teens choose to label. As teens discover their own identities, it can be comforting to hang around people interested in the same things.

Growing up can be a very difficult time in life. Adolescence and teenagers are the hardest years of our lives. Adolescence is defined as the time period from the onset of puberty to the attainment of physiological or psychological maturity. During this era, adolescences are dealing with many things in their head along with other life issues. This is the period when they are trying to find their own identity, sexuality, and deal with issues of deciding what to do with their life.

With school, work, friendships, dating, and everything their forced to deal with, adolescences face a lot of stress. Finding yourself and your own identity is part of that growing up.

What teens wear and how they look is very important in high school, and even in middle school. The search to fit in and find a group can begin as early as age eight (Peterson).It?s not just high school where cliques can exist. Certain fashions and brand-name clothing become the uniforms for particular groups. Hairstyles (and colors), makeup, body piercings, and tattoos also give kids both an individual and group identity, placing them into a specific clique. ?Cliques can be based on appearance, athletic ability, academic achievement, social or economic status, talent, ability to attract the opposite sex, or seeming sophistication? (Americas). The most prominent characteristic of a clique usually becomes...