An essay based on observations of teens in three different environments. Entitled: "Observations"

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Observing is something we simply cannot help but do everyday in our lives. We mainly take little notice of many of the minute occurrences that we see, but all things we see can certainly help us gain a greater understanding of the world in which we live. I set out to observe three different places hoping to gain knowledge of what teens subconsciously and sometimes consciously do. My first observation was in the lobby of the Wynnsong movie theater in Winston-Salem. The next would be at the front of the school; its members were all car riders. Finally, I conclude this observation in a recent Student Council meeting. As I drew myself back away from any attention in these places, I took specific notice of a few major characteristics of the behavior in which individuals acted. Those were as follows: clothing, clique/group, social inclinations, gender, adult accompaniment, and approximate age groups.

As previously stated, I entered the front lobby to observe teens in an environment where they casually wait and pass by. Upon first arrival there was only one teenager there. He was sitting in a single chair completely alone. As far as I could tell, there were no other people he was there with. He wore very plain clothes, nothing stylish. He sat looking very apathetic. He was overweight and showed signs of a low self-esteem by his posture and head motions (he stared at the floor constantly instead of making eye contact). As there always is in spring, many chick flicks were playing. The first one let out and I took note of all the young girls who came out. All of the females who were not with any adults traveled in groups of at least three. The smaller groups (three to four people in capacity) were very...