Are clothes important for everyday life?

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Are clothes important for everyday life?

What should I wear today? Didn't I wear it yesterday? Does she like it? Am I cool? Everyday questions! Questions that we ask ourselves every morning, once we get up, when we go out to school or work, before we meet friends or just when we have to go to the store. Why such an unimportant thing should bother us all the time? Aren't we the same with or without "cool" clothes? Most people think that having good clothes is very important, but I object to the attitude society has toward clothes. My motto is that as far as you feel comfortable in your clothes you do not have to pay too much attention to what you are dressed in.

Clothes can please the eye when one meets strangers, but person's intelligence is a lot more challenging and important. We have a nice proverb in my country (Bulgaria), which proves that one 's intelligence is more important than any clothes. It says: "People say 'hi' according to the way one looks and 'bye' by the way he/she thinks!" In other words if you go to a conference dressed with your everyday jeans and shirt, nobody will come to talk business to you. But if you are a clever person and if you have some good ideas for the business no matter what your appearance is like everyone will listen to you with interest and finally say "bye" with respect, even if you are dressed in the wildest clothes in the world. You can see, clothes does not matter. The most important is what is underneath them: a good-hearted person or not; a smart and clever one or dumb and fool; open minded or selfish.

In addition everyone should have the freedom...