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Table of Contents

What Regulates the Surface Color Surface effect in 1

Object Recognition: ColorDiagnosticity or Category 1.1 Summary 1

Review 1

Conclusion 3

2.0 Attention and Consciousness: Two Distinct Brain Processes 3

2.1 Summary 3

2.2 Review 4

2.3 Conclusion 6

3.0 Tricks of Memory 8

3.1 Summary 8

3.2 Review 8

3.3 Conclusion 9

4.0 Virtual Reality Technology for the Virtual Perception Study. 11

4.1 Summary 11

4.2 Review 11

4.3 Conclusion 12

5.0 Comparison of four article 14

References 17

What Regulates The Surface Color Effect in Object Recognition: ColorDiagnosticity or Category?

By Jun-ichi Nagai & Kazuhiko Yokosawa

1.1 Summary

Tanaka and Presnell (1999) research claimed object recognition is related to degree of the specific color and high density color play an important role in object recognition.

This study is based on their study to confirm the findings. Since the surface color on object recognition has been controversial, this study reinforces the controversy on object recognition among human between color photograph and line drawings. The researchers presented two experiments for object recognition study. Using high color density (HCD) and low color density (LCD) object for the study. This study was conducted in a Japan university from Meiji Gakuin University. Experiment 1 consisted of 2 stages on feature listing and typicality judgements and experiment 2 involve using object classification task. For the two experiments, 71 students were recruited. The results confirm the study from Tanaka and Presnell (1999), moreover there is no difference in response time between HCD and LCD manmade object.

1.2 Review

The effect of colour in object recognitions had been a controversial and studied by many researchers. There were different results and...