"In Cold Blood" by Capote, Truman. A book review for Law class.

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A book report on the Book In Cold Blood for Grade 12 Advanced Law

In Cold Blood

Truman Capote

Book Information:

Author : Capote, Truman

Title : In Cold Blood

Publisher : Random House

Original Publication Date : 1965

Book Outline:

In a small town in Kansas a family of four were murdered for no apparent reason. The

murderers ran for a few years and finally they were caught, tried, and accused for murder.

In 1965 they were hung for the crime.

In the story a family was killed for no reason. This well respected farming family had no

enemies, and no quarrels. Although they were wealthy, Mr. Clutter never kept cash in the

house. The whole region and eventually the country was shocked by the randomness and

brutality of the act, in much the same way it was by the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.

The two men in which didn't even know the Clutter family went into their house and shot

all four of them.

There were two main characters. Dick is the first one that I will talk about. Dick was 33

years old and he did not have the best character. Dick was one who helped participate in

the killing of the Clutter family. I didn't like him from the very beginning. He struck me

as the type that is your friend one minute and enemy the next. Perry is the other charecter

that I will talk about. Perry wasn't as bad as Dick but yet he still struck me as having a

bad character for what he did to the family. It took me awhile to get a good impression of

Perry. Perry was a really nice guy and I think that he just got mixed in with the wrong

crowd. At the beginning, when they...