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Compare and Contrast Essay

High school and college are two different worlds. Some people say high school was the best four years of their life and others say college was. Being I describe college and high school as two worlds apart they still have some similarities. Like their both there to provide a service which is to educate their student body? They also provide a variety of sports and clubs to join, but in that sense there are also millions of Reason College and high school are so different. For example the environment on campus grounds, the school systems, and life its self are some reasons I choused that I felt distinguishes college from high school.

When you first left middle school and enter high school you probably thought wow! What am I getting into, but once you where there it was not much different from middle school? You had enter an environment you've been around all you life.

Every student attending high school was around your age and the student body was held to a limit of two thousand students. There for you have a greater chance of forming close relationships with friends. High school campuses are not as big as college is. Finally the whole school system is different from colleges. High school teachers I think are basically there just to baby sit the students while their parents are at work. Yeah! I have to admit we do learn allot from what they teach us, but by them baby sitting us is just setting us up for a big disaster in college. What I mean by saying baby sit us. For example, say you forgot to turn in an important paper that was due. Your teacher will constantly be hassling you for you to turn in the paper...