"The Color Purple" by Alice Walker.

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The novel The Color Purple by Alice Walker takes place around the 1930's. It is a place where being black is looked down upon, being a black woman is no far than degrading. For an African American woman named Celie, life was exactly no better than degrading. 'you black, you ugly, and you a woman, who would ever want you'. In the novel The Color Purple, the author illustrates through character development and structure that isolation occurs when a person is forced to believe something and unable to communicate with the outside world. Only through love and companionship one is able to conquer being isolated.

Isolation occurs when someone is forced to believe something and unable to communicate with the outside world. Character development of 'Celie' is employed to show the impact of isolation on a person. "Beat her" (38). This quotation shows the impact of isolation on Celie.

When her stepson Harpo comes to her for advice on how to mind his wife Sophia, she says 'beat her'. Celie does not say 'beat her' just because she doesn't like her, but only because she thinks that is the way it is supposed to be. She has not seen anything else but women being abused in her life. Obviously this quote shows Celie is isolated and has been unable to see the world out of her own. If she had seen the outside world, she would know that women are not treated the way she is treated. On her confrontation with Sophia, she tries to defend her answer 'Well, sometime Mr.___ git on me pretty hard. I have to talk to Old Maker. But he my husband. I shrug my shoulders. This life soon be over, I say, Heaven last all ways (44). Celie is so isolated...