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This case study tells us the story the life's of Darren Skanson. He was classical guitarist and travelling all around the country. Darren did his graduation with B.A in music in 1989,after that he felt in his innersole intellectual and emotional aspects of music. But in this did only minor subjects of business. Darren worked for Watson and company but he realized early, that he could do his business, because he saw that Watson Company annual sales increased from $100,000 to $250,000. So he thought that art festivals as a strong distribution venue for selling product. Darren was driven person and he don't want to relay upon others, so he decided to start he own company's name CLOROADO CERATIVE MUSIC in January 1995. When he sold his two CD's at art festival so he is getting more busy with his work. Now he realized that he needed more staff to runs these so he hired time by time different people for different tasks.

He hired Andy who got valuable knowledge of how to capitalize on art festivals. Andy's first CD's was launched under the title Andrew Thomas Harling.

When his business expanded then he realized that the physical work involved in setting up a studio is less difficult rather than managing a business. And he facing problems in his like marketing and promoting his music, because he doesn't he much knowledge how to promote his sales music. He thought that direct sales is much effective rather than other sources of distribution. Because these types of distribution were required large order and their payment system was bit risky. So being a small business he had small number of staff to run his day to day operations, so he did mostly his own work by his own like...